Florida Rising Magazine FRM March 2019 - Page 34

Better Training, Oversight and Supervision

At a minimum any professional security officer should be trained in emergency first aid, CPR and fire


“But we love our in-house staff and don’t want to lose them!” is something we hear very often when

talking to property managers, condo board members and HOA presidents about on-boarding in-house

staff. In a properly structured transition you retain your current staff. Pay rates and benefits remain

unchanged as does seniority ranking.

As your operation grows, so too will your needs where support is concerned. You may acquire additional

facilities that require additional physical security. Either way, flexible security solutions that easily adapt

to the changing needs of your business or property are a must.

All of these factors are where outsourcing can really ease the transition process as your needs change,

while you grow and expand. You have plenty on your plate already without having to worry about

increasing on-site security teams.

A reputable and reliable third-party service provider can handle these concerns for you.

Choosing the Right Provider

The south Florida contract security market is one of the most competitive in the nation. There are

currently over 1,200 licensed security agencies in Broward and Miami-Dade counties alone.

These agencies range from huge national companies to one or two man agencies working out of

someone’s home garage or spare bedroom. So choosing the right security provider is crucial.

When evaluating security firms you need to ask the following questions.

1. Does the agency provide general liability insurance and do they indemnify you in the event of a

loss from any incident or accident caused by any negligent, grossly negligent, willful act or

omission or intentional act, of their guard?

2. Are their guards actual employees of the company or are they paying them as sub-contractors?

Some less than reputable security providers will do this to avoid the high costs of workers

compensation insurance, payroll taxes and social security contributions.

3. How responsive is their management team to problems, issues or concerns of yours?

4. Do they utilize the latest technology to provide you officer accountability and transparency?

5. Do they have an actual brick and mortar corporate presence or footprint?

6. Do their supervisors or manager conduct periodic unannounced inspections of the sites and staff?

7. What training have your guards had? First Aide, CPR, Fire Suppression?

8. Do they conduct random drug tests of their employees?

Way back in the fifteenth century English satirist Gabriel Bell recognized that, “You get what you pay for;"

which Webster defines as meaning “a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn't very

good”, and that’s especially true when evaluating security companies.

Any security provider that quotes you a bargain basement bill rate in the low teens ($14 per hour or less)

is probably NOT going to provide suitable answers to these questions nor will they provide you the level

of service and support you need or want. They’re going to be using sub-contractors or paying their

employees minimum wage to stay profitable.

What caliber of officer are they delivering at that pay rate?