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State of Florida Property Management Association

Do the terms FLSA, ACA, HIPPA, E-Verify or I-9 scare you? They should if you have in-house security,

maintenance or housekeeping staff. These terms are just some of the federally mandated employment laws that HOA’s, condo boards and property managers must contend with. If you are not fully compliant with any of these it can cost you and your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and yes, even back wages.

What can you do to eliminate these HR compliance headaches and ensure the safety and security of your business, building or property in the real world?

Outsourcing may provide the solutions you’re looking for.

Outsourcing can provide a viable and affordable solution for many businesses, condominiums, planned communities, office and professional complexes. The security provider you choose will take on the costs and hassles of hiring, scheduling, HR administration, insurance, liability, training and outfitting employees.

If you’re looking for trained security officers, you’ll find that hiring your own staff can be extremely

expensive. The last thing you want when it comes to security is less-than-qualified workers.

A reputable security provider will have the money and resources to properly recruit and hire highly

qualified officers. In other words, outsourcing can give you access to security resources of a caliber

unavailable to you on your own, and save you money in the process.

Condo associations and HOA’s may not have the resources to properly vet security experts in their employ. The officers who fill these crucial positions, must be stable, reliable, trustworthy, and well-trained.

A failure on any level could spell disaster.

By outsourcing or on-boarding your current in house staff to a firm that makes security their business, you can rest easier knowing that anyone they send your way has been properly vetted, trained, and held to the highest standards. After all, the security provider that hired them has a reputation to uphold, just as you do.

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