Florida Rising Magazine FRM March 2019 - Page 31


LED lighting also emits light directionally, usually at 180 degrees, which means no energy will be wasted illuminating in directions that are not useful. This can also create a more dramatic, artistic effect for your landscaping.

LED Lights are More Durable

Outdoor lighting is subject to significantly more wear and tear than indoor lighting. LED lights are rugged and equipped to withstand outdoor hazards, whereas halogen lights are fragile and prone to break easily, leaving you financially responsible for replacing them. Because LEDs are more durable than regular lighting, it reduces maintenance costs.

Insects are not attracted to LED Lights

Still not sold on LED lights? It is valuable to know that insects are only attracted to UV lights- which is why you see them at night circling regular lighting fixtures. LED lights do not emit UV rays, so insects will not be attracted to your lights. In addition, LED fixtures to give off very low levels of heat when giving off their light source, bugs are also attracted to the heat from incandescent lights; having less heat emitted from an LED will also alleviate the issue unwanted bugs.

The Big Picture

When looking at the big picture, LED lights are the ideal choice for outdoor lighting and the benefits of LEDs surpass alternative lighting solutions. LED lights are brighter, have a longer life, produce energy savings, create a safer environment at night, a bug deterrent and they are durable. Having them be more durable and flexible than incandescent lights means they can be mounted, or motion censored or on fixtures, allowing your property to have both creativity in your lighting, as well as all the other benefits.

If you are still unsure whether or not LED lights are the right upgrade for your property, it is always best to contact your energy consultant for more information or feasibility study.