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Outdoor Lighting Upgrades can Yield Huge Cost Savings

By: Jessica Vail & Tayler Young, The Falcon Group

Does your facility have a parking lot, garage or large quantity of outdoor lighting? There are many reasons to upgrade your lights and fixtures as they will help your facility operate more efficiently.

Something as simple as swapping out your old lights to LED can have a major impact on your property and bottom line with huge cost savings. On average, switching to LED lights can translate to 40-60% energy reduction per fixture and they are approximately 90% more effective than regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In addition, LED’s are much brighter than a standard light which can create a safer place to walk at night.

Let’s Run the Numbers

The upfront cost of LED light fixtures is, on average, much higher than regular, incandescent light fixtures. But over time, the lights will actually “pay for themselves” due to the cost savings on utility bills.

When one is challenged with the option of buying a $1 regular, incandescent bulb or buying a new $50 LED lighting fixture, most would opt for replacing the bulb at the lowest cost possible. However, the savings become obvious when the further comparison between the bulb and LED fixture is examined. On average, the utility cost for a standard incandescent light is $40 per year. For a comparable LED, the annual cost is around $4. This means that the LED light will pay for itself in less than two years when you calculate the cost using the $50 average price for each new fixture.

The savings over time is noticeable since the lifespan of an LED bulb is roughly 50,000 hours. Incandescent lights, by comparison, only live for about 1,200 hours. The shorter lifespan adds to the cost of incandescent bulbs in the long term, since they will need to be replaced more frequently. Especially for outdoor lighting, the longer life of LEDs means that you will rarely if ever, have to climb a ladder or prune landscaping to change a bulb.