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We love when boards do a simple resident survey, which asks everyone: what’s working? What do you like? What’s missing? What can we improve? They should look at products offered, service levels provided, new features, even infrastructure if this is an issue.

You may learn that your residents are very satisfied with the TV line up and the reception quality, but can’t stand the slow internet, or that it doesn’t include wifi. You may learn that they can’t stream their favorite shows in the evening during peak viewing periods.

What about service? How does the current provider do when there’s a problem? Is it a two week wait? How is reliability? Tech support? Property manager support

This is important feedback to capture. But there’s so much more to think about. Who lives in your community? Older, younger, families, retirees, part timers. Is it changing? Look at recent property sales over the past couple of years. Do you see a pattern?

How many renters are there? What are neighboring communities doing about bulk TV and internet services? How competitive are your services compared to them? What kind of wiring do you have? Who owns it? This can be found in your current bulk agreement.

Lastly, what type of building structure do you have – garden style, mid rise or high rise?

All of these answers, along with the detailed results from the resident survey, can really help you build a plan “before” you begin pursuing potential service providers. This way, you can decide the plan, not the provider.

Importantly, not every TV and internet provider is ideal for every community. What works in one situation may not fit in another.

I like my company, Upstream Network’s approach to this business. We believe in the “have it your way” concept, not “we make our burgers only one way” approach. We customize to fit your needs. If I’ve learned one thing in this business over the past 25 years, it’s that this is the best way to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Upstream Network is a leading provider of both digital TV and broadband (internet) services to HOAs in south Florida, and one of the fastest growing in the region. We enjoy being a part of the “selection process” and believe we are a great option for many communities.

We are also impressed with communities who follow the approach we’ve outlined here. We believe this will truly help you make the best decision for your community. And we hope you’ll give us a chance to be part of that discussion.

Talk to your experts first. Let them help you develop the best plan to elevate your services and your community. Build your list of needs. Then begin this process. You should control it. And, we’d love to be part of it.

Bryan J. Rader is President of Upstream Network, a leading provider of digital TV and broadband services to multi-family communities in Florida.

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