Florida MVP - ARCHIVE April 2017 - Page 79

Market Action Report April 2017 Bonita Springs/Bonita Beach City: Bonita Springs Agent Name Market Action Report City: Bonita Springs Title Phone Agent Name Website Title Other April 2017 Community Information | School District Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Phone Month Website Market Profile & Trends Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con LM Trending versus*: L3M PYM LY $421,250 1% -2% Other $671,376 Trending 0% versus*: -2% Month LM -15% L3M -1% PYM -11% LY $330,000 $421,250 1% -23% -9% -2% -13% $485,057 $671,376 990 0% -7% -2% -6% $330,000 167 -15% -11% -1% -11% -22% 2% $485,057 -23% -9% -13% 0% 92 -3% -4% 18% 990 -7% -6% $245 -6% -5% 0% 167 -11% -22% $226 -16% -5% -4% 92 -3% -4% 18% 3% 5.9 5% -11% 20% $245 -6% -5% 0% 0% 91.7% -1.9% -1.3% -2.4% Average List Price of all Current Listings Market Profile & Trends April Median Sales Price Overview Median List Price of all Price Current Listings April Average Sales Average List Price of all Current Total Properties Currently for Listings Sale (Inventory) April Sales Price April Median Number of Properties Sold April Average Sales Price April Average Days on Market (Solds) Total Properties Currently for Sale (Inventory) Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) April Number of Properties Sold April Sold Price per Square Foot April Average Days on Market (Solds) April Month's Supply of Inventory Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) April Sal HšXÙHœÈ\ÝšXÙH˜][\š[ÛÛšXÙH\ˆÜ]X\™H›Ûݐ\š[Ø[HšXÙHœÈ\ÝšXÙH˜][ŠˆOS\Ý“[۝ È ÓOS\ÝŒÈ[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B”›Ü\B”Ø[\•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚–U”š[܈U M‰B”š[܈YX\‚‰ ÌÍK Œ‰BŒ B‰ LÌK N‰ ÌÍK ŒÉH LÌK N‹M‰BN ŒÉBŽM‚Œ B‰ MN ‹M BŒ‰B‰ ŒÎŽM‚ŒNIB‹LMIBËŽ‰ MŒ‰B‹LKŽIBŽL‹ŽIBŒÉH ÉBŒL B‹M H ÉBŒNIH L BŒ‰BIBŽ BÉB B‹LIH B BŽ BŒL‰B‹LIB‰ Œˆ LM‰H MIH M H ‰B‰ ŒÎIBŽ BKŽH IH LLIH Œ H LMIBËŽÉBŒL‰B“[X™\ˆوL‹ŽIB”›Ü\Y\ŽLKÉH LKŽIH LKŒÉH L‹ H LKŽIB‹LIHÛÛ LIBŠˆOS\Ý[۝ È ÓOS\Ý È[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B\š[[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞB•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈Uš[܈YX\‚–UŒÈ[È]™ÂŒÌ \š[›Ü\HØ[\ÈÙ\™H MËÝۈ Œ‹Œ Hœ›ÛH ŒM[ˆ\š[قŒŒ Mˆ[™ LKŒ‰HÝÙ\ˆ[ˆH NØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈ L”›Ü\BœØ[\ÈÙ\™HØ[\˜]Z\ˆÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Ì \š[”›Ü\BœØ[\ÈØ[\Ù\™HقŒMË™ÝۂŒŒ‹Œ Hœ›ÛBŒŒM™Z[™š[ˆ\š[›Ù‚ŒŒ MK‚\š[UN ˜\™H[›š[™Â Œ B›\ÝŒŒ M‚˜[™ŒLKŒ‰HÝÙ\ˆØ[\[ˆقH Œ ˂ŒNØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈ L Œ žYX\‰ÜžYX\‹]ËY]B™œ›ÛH ŒÌ L\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈTÔØ\È]HÝÙ\Ý›]™[ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚MLL  L ŒÍLŒÌ ŒLŒŒ ŒMÌ LŒ MLL  L ŒÍLŒÌ ŒLŒŒ ’[™[ܞH ˆTÒBŒLŒLM‚“YYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[™]™\˜YÙHØ[\ÈšXÙBŒÈ[È]™ÂŒMŒÈ[È]™Â“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJBŒL‹ŒŒL‹ŒHÛÛ\\˜]]™[HÝÙ\ˆTÒH\È[ܙH™[™YšXÚX[›ÜˆÙ[\œÈÚ[HBŒ ŒM‚ŒMHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆH M‚“Hˆ MˆHÈȈˆˆBHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHH MŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM•HÝ[[™[ܞB’[™[ܞB‰ˆTÒHو›Ü\Y\È]˜Z[X›H›ÜˆØ[H\Èو\š[Ø\ÈÝ[ŽNL [™[ܞB™Ýۈ ‹ÉB™œ›ÛH K ŒH]˜Z[X›B›\Ý[۝˜[™\™Ýۂ‹ŒÉHœ›ÛH K Œ •B›Ùˆ›Ü\Y\™›ÜˆØ[B›Ùˆ\š[ŒK M‚š[‚\š[›Ù‚›\ÝžYX\‹‚\š[ŒŒ M’[™[ܞBØ\˜]›ZY K Œ  K Ø\ÈNL Ýۈ ‹ÉHœ›ÛH K ŒH\Ý[۝[™Ýۈ ‹ŒÉHHœ›ÛBŒK M‚\š[و\ÝžYX\‹‚\š[ŒŒ MÈ[™’[™[ܞB›]™[[‚˜ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[›Ùˆ Œ M‚ŒŒ MKˆØ\È]HZYŒK Ž ›]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚Ž ŒMB”šXÙ\“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆYYX[‚“HHHˆØ[\’ˆHÈšXÙB“Ȉ[™’ˆˆ]™\˜YÙB“HHHˆØ[\’ˆHÈšXÙB“ȈˆˆHBŒ•HYYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[ˆ\š[Ø\È ÌÌ Ýۈ L Ž B”šXÙ\™œ›ÛH ÍÌ [ˆ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™Ýۈ MKŒIHœ›ÛH Î L •Bš[ˆ\š[Ø\‰ ÌÌ ŒL Ž B›\ÝYYX[‚›[۝ ˆØ[\•HšXÙB]™\˜YÙB”Ø[\”šXÙBš[ˆ\š[ÝۂØ\È  K MËÌ ™œ›ÛB‰ ÍÌ š[ˆ\š[›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[ˆ[™™ÝۂŒMKŒIH[™™œ›ÛB‰ Î L ™ÝۂŒLˍ Hœ›ÛB‰ MŒ Lΐ\š[›Ùˆ Œ M‚™ÝۂŒŒËŒIBL›\Ý›[۝ ‚•H]™\˜YÙB”Ø[\È\š[”šXÙH Œ Mš[ˆ\š[Ø\‰  K MË™œ›ÛB‰ ŒÌ L›\Ý[۝ ‚TԝØ\˜]HÝÙ\ݍŒ ™Ýۂ™œ›ÛH‰ MŒ Lΐ\š[[™›Ùˆ Œ M‚›]™[ Lˍ B˜ÛÛ\\™Y\š[و[ˆ Œ M‚ŒŒ MKˆ[™Ýۈ ŒËŒIBŒL LŒL ŒL ŒMLŒÈ[È]™ÂŒMLŒŒ œØ[\ÈÙ\™H]Z\ˆÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ŒŒ MKˆ\š[UØ[\Èو N È\™H[›š[™È Œ H™Z[™\ÝžYX\‰ÜÈYX\‹]ËY]HØ[\Èو Œ ˂“[X™\ˆو›Ü\Y\ÈÛۍŒ  ŒL ŒŽ Œ‹Œ  ŒHYÚ\‚˜ÛÛ\\˜]]™[B›ÝÙ\ˆTÒBš\È[ܙHB˜™[™YšXÚX[œÙ[\œÂ“TÒH\È™]\‚™›Üˆ^Y\œË‚\š[›Ü‚ŒŒ M“TÒHÚ[B›Ùˆ KŽHBŒŒ šYÚ\‚“TÒBš\È™]\‚™›Üˆ^Y\œË‚\š[ Œ M“TÒB›Ùˆ KŽB›[۝Ø\˜]]ÈYÚ\Ý›]™[B˜ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[™ Œ Œ‹Œ›[۝ŒŒŒ MKˆØ\È]]ÈYÚ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ŒŒ ŒŒŒ MK‚“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHB“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒMŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒMÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜ”šXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\΂”Ñ’ HÛۂÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[”™X[™X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜŸšXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\Έђ‹HÛۂ˜ÈÈÈ[ˆHˆÈ\ˆÈH\È ˆÈÈBŸ ÎBŒL ŒŽ Œ‹Œ ŒŒ‹ŒŒ Œ‘]Bœ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË‘›ܚYHSË”™YÚ[ۘ[“Sː›Ø\™و‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈو\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆH[B™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙHÛØ\ݐ\ÜÛ‘]Bš\È\œ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚‘›Ü›Ü“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚ÛÝ[KÛÝ[K“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË“^H›ܚYH^B”™YÚ[ۘ[“˜\\\™XH˜\\›Ø\™\™XB›Ùˆ‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂH[H™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙBÛØ\Ý\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PS™Ù\Ø\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚\È[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚’]\È™\ÜۜÚXš[]BH™\ÜۜÚXš[]B˜[žH܈^Y\‚™\šYžB˜[™[[™›Ü›X][ۂÈÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\™\Ý]H˜[œØXÝ[ۋ‚™Ù\››Ý›ÝØ\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YBHB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ\’]\ÈB›Ùˆ[žHق˜^Y\‚œÙ[\ˆ܈ÈÙ[\‚™\šYžHÈ[žB˜[™[žB˜[[™›Ü›X][ۂœ™[]˜[È™[]˜[œÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\œ™X[\Ý]H™X[˜[œØXÝ[ۋ