Floors Magazine Floors Magazine June / July 2014 - Page 45

products share your products email: claire@floorinsite.com Snickers Workwear’s working clothes for summer will keep you looking good and working comfortably. It’s great working outside in the summer months, but being hot and sweaty is almost as uncomfortable as being cold. So when the going gets hot on site, staying well ventilated is crucial. It helps you stay focused and alert, minimising the likelihood of making bad decisions and putting your health and safety at risk. Snickers’ Warm Weather Workwear – and particularly the A.V.S. garments - combines market-leading fabrics with advanced technology for top class working comfort and functionality. Our high-tech A.V.S. fabric is an innovative mix of polyester and bamboo carbon, which combine to produce a highly breathable material for moisture transportation, UV protection and anti-odour comfort. Getting more information on the Snickers’ Warm Weather Workwear is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out www.snickersworkwear.co.uk and download a digital catalogue; or you can email info@snickersworkwear.co.uk Look Cool - Stay Cool When the Heat Is On Floors Magazine 45 June/July 2014