Floors Magazine Floors Magazine June / July 2014 - Page 35

advertorial share your news email: claire@floorinsite.com HTC grinding machines – development through experience The benefits of HTC’s patented system HTC’s machine models are based on a patented drive system with one, three or four grinding discs. The drive system consists of one large grinding disc and three or four smaller grinding discs that counter-rotate at up to 1600 RPM. The technology behind it – innovative solutions HTC’s machines have been developed for high performance whilst remaining user-friendly and providing flexibility. No job too small, no job too large HTC has machines that cover everything from edge grinding to grinding of large areas thousands of square metres in size. A machine supplier for all your floor jobs! The most extensive tool range in the world HTC has developed the largest selection of diamond tools for floors on the market. At HTC, you’ll definitely find the tools suitable for your flooring job today, as well as the various flooring jobs you’ll get in the future. The design makes the machine perfectly balanced and it does not tend to pull in any direction, which in turn makes the grinding more ergonomic, with a smoother floor as a result. One machine, many work areas – the tools underneath are the key Concrete grinding When grinding concrete floors, the concrete skin is Floors Magazine removed and the stronger concrete exposed. If you then change tools, you can continue to polish the concrete into an easily cleaned, sustainable, high-gloss concrete floor – a HTC Superfloor™. Thick coverings Thick coverings refer to epoxy, self-levelling compound, linoleum and plastic matting. In one sweep, 5 mm of epoxy or self-levelling compound can be removed. When grinding away matting, the adhesive is also ground away, and the floor is ready to be covered with a new carpet, covering, tiles, or ready for polishing. Thin coverings Thin coverings refer to adhesive, paint or lighter grinding to improve the adhesion of a new covering on top of an old one. The machines function superbly for lighter grinding of irregularities in the self-levelling compound. Natural stone With a simple tool change under the machine, you can transform your grinding machine, allowing you to grind any type of marble, granite or terrazzo floor. Wood grinding With HTC’s grinding machine, anyone can grind a wooden floor. You can get close to the edges and do not need to follow the grain of the wood. In order to get the best possible profitability for your floor jobs, HTC equipment is not just an option – it’s a requirement! 35 June/July 2014