Floors Magazine Floors Magazine June / July 2014 - Page 34

HTC Superprep™ Grinding floors is nothing new; people have been doing it for thousands of years. Nevertheless, few people know that the trend in grinding machines and diamond tools over the last 20 years means that you can now save time and money by using grinding machines for surface levelling and floor restoration. HTC Superprep™ uses grinding to remove floor coverings such as epoxy, paint, carpets, carpet adhesive and If you use HTC Superprep™ as a method, other activities can continue in the area without any problems. The sound level from grinding is only 90 dB next to the machine, which means that it is significantly lower than blasting or scarifying, for instance. And with the right vacuum cleaner and pre-separator, the work is virtually dust-free. The design of the grinding machines means that the operator can work with the machines straight forward without any lateral forces. As the machines HTC - Save time with smarter working methods self-levelling compound while the contractor gets a perfectly smooth surface to lay the flooring on. Wherever possible, it is better to keep the floor surface instead of destroying both the floor and the floor covering. You avoid the need to use self-levelling compound and unnecessary material costs in the form of extra coverings to fill out irregularities, which are both expensive and time-consuming. With over 20 years in the industry, HTC is currently the global leader and is driving development towards faster and more effective methods of improving and finishing floors. Leading development in an industry that is more than a thousand years old is something we are proud of. What are the benefits? HTC’s Superprep™ method means you can remove one or more old floor coverings, leaving the floor flat and clean. You can then continue to start a new floor covering or perhaps simply carry on grinding and polishing the concrete into a ‘HTC Superfloor™. More traditional methods such as scarifying or blasting work vertically against the floor and are also very effective at removing coverings – the disadvantage is that as the covering is removed, the underlying floor is damaged so that self-levelling compound or a great deal of extra floor covering is required. Using self-levelling compound is time-consuming and a lot of subsequent grinding is often required. • Quicker and smoother end results • Grinds close to edges and corners • Reduces need for self-levelling compound work along the floor and not downwards from above, most of the vibrations are avoided. What vibrations there are, therefore, are well below the specified maximum. • Virtually dust-free • Few vibrations, only 0.6 m/s² • Using HTC’s grinding machines, you reach no more than 90 dB