FlexiPrint - Mark Andy

TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir Chamber doctor blade system Enclosed inking unit for applying waterbased-, UV-, or special effect inks in the printing process Features • Easy load chamber cassette for inks and coatings • Patented TRESU E-Line quick change blade clamping system: - Complete blade change in less than one minute - No screws to remove or replace when completing a blade change - Uniform clamping, no uneven blade wear • TRESU end-seals – made from EPDM rubber compound for long wear and superior anilox roller sealing • • • • • • Manual filling or connection to an ink pump Designed for quick change of chamber and anilox rollers Nominal ink quantity for maximum print quality Easy switch from manual filling of chambers to an ink pump connection Less ink consumption Mounts directly into the latest Mark Andy loading bracket – no modifcation needed! Benefits • Increased ink density over open blade configurations • Elimination of ink slinging at high speeds • Fast color changes – especially with UV- or special effect inks - Remove and store the chamber/cassette with ink until the next job • Significantly increased production speeds, leading to greater output A-21-GB-0516_factsheet_FlexiPrint_Reservoir_Doctor_Blade_System_for_Mark_Andy.indd 1 10-05-2016 09:49:17