Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 92

WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA PHYSIQUE FOUR-PEAT JULIANA MALACARNE IS UNBEATABLE AS SHE DEFENDS HER FOURTH WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA TITLE. ■ The lineup at the Women’s Physique Olympia shared something in common with the men’s division. Although both launched a short four years ago, in 2013, only one competitor remains from the top of the ranks at that first Women’s Physique Olympia Showdown—and that competitor has become the defining force in the division. That dominant athlete is Juliana Malacarne, who this year cruised to her fourth Olympia title. Looking polished, graceful, and purposeful as she moved through her poses, the Brazilian-born Malacarne’s overall aesthetics weren’t approached by any other contender onstage. No one on the stage with her had better glutes, legs, or calves. If there was any real question about the final rankings, it had to do with who would end up in the runner-up and third-place spots behind Malacarne, as Jennifer Taylor (second) and Heather Grace (third) finished separated by one point. Kira Neuman (fourth) and Sheronica Henton (fifth) filled out the top five. 90 FLEX | JANUARY 2018