Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 9

EXCLUS THE “ HEAVYWEIGHTS ” OF STRENGTH PRODUCTS! AVAILA IVELY BL THE UK E IN AT PRESTIGE OLYMPIC BAR LOAD CAPACITY OF 700KG (1500lbs) • Ideal in all high usage training environments OLYMPIC DEADLIFT BAR List Price £249.00 WITH KICKSTAND FEATURE Our Price £ 130.00 • This unique Deadlift bar now makes loading your weight easier then ever. You Save £119.00 List Price £299.00 Our Price £ 179.99 You Save £119.01 WRIST WRAPS WITH SIMPLE TWIST-TIGHT DESIGN List Price £39.99 Our Price £ 11.99 You Save £18.00 BUMPER OLYMPIC DISCS (x2) THICK RUBBER EDGE • Rubber encased weight plates are designed to offer some protection to fl oors if dropped. • All discs are 45cm x 4.5cm in size, available sizes 15kg, 20kg, 25kg Price from £ 86.99 7.5 % OFF YOUR PURCHASE USE CO 1`(U,ѽɕ́ѥݥ=܁́ݕЀܹѹ̵ѽɔլ)9ѡѽ)98̀I(MѠ1)M\) ͙ɐ) 4Ȁ91)]H9ݍѱ)9ĀeL)9Ѡ1)9\!0ɥ䀡Mɕ)T؀)Սѕ)0ĀU85ѕ)4Ā)-ЀQչɥ]̤)Q8Ā@+rP%ѽɔɅѥrP 9܀A1ѕȃrPЁ٥rPɕٕ䃊rP9ٕȁ ѕ=Aɥ)Aɥ́م䰁͕ݕͥєȁɕЁɥѥSèé)͕ݕͥєȁɔх̸ ɕ́ՅѠ