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CLASSIC PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA CLASSIC UPRISING BREON ANSLEY WRESTLES AWAY THE TITLE OF THE CLASSIC PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA. ■ No division experienced as much change at the top of the scorecard as classic physique. Up was down and down was up. Last year’s winner and runner-up, Danny Hester and Arash Rahbar, found themselves rounding out the bottom end of the top five, in fifth and fourth, respectively, and classic favourites Sadik Hadzovic and Darrem Charles fell out of the top five entirely. In Hester’s former perch atop the field was Breon Ansley, the 2016 Classic O’s fourth-place finisher, whose convincing win at the New York Pro in May had already put the field on notice. Ansley earned his pro card in 2013 at the USAs as a middleweight in the open bodybuilding division, debuted in the IFBB with an under­ whelming appearance as a 212 bodybuilder in 2014, and then jumped to the classic division in 2016, where his talent has taken root. Suggesting that size increasingly matters in classic physique, Ansley’s toughest competitor in Vegas was fast-charging Canadian-born, V-tapered upstart Chris Bumstead, who in his debut pro year rode into the Olympia powered by victories at the Pittsburgh and Toronto Pros. After the final call out, only three points separated them. Completing the trio at the top and narrowly beating out Hester and Rahbar was George Peterson, another competitor coming off a heady rookie year, having finished first at the Tampa Pro and second in New York behind Ansley. 80 FLEX | JANUARY 2018 1 BREON ANSLEY