Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 78

4 DAVID HENRY aesthetic balance and flowing curves, his consistent crispness, and the little things others lack, like his abundant calves and the best spinal erectors in the IFBB Pro League. It all culminates, à la Phil Heath, in a rear double biceps that kills the dreams of every contender who thought he could overshadow him. I ask him what still motivates him. Could it be a quest for nine— the most male Olympia titles (dependent on Heath’s final tally)? “There’s new blood coming through the class all the time, and that motivates me. I feel as if I’ve got another one in the tank, but I’m not motivated by a number. It’s not like I want to win nine or 10 or whatever,” Lewis says. “Every 76 FLEX | JANUARY 2018 5 DEREK LUNSFORD year is a new battle and a new task and a new injury that you have to go through. I’ve gone through a lot of adversity this year, and it really tested me. But now that I’ve gone through that, I feel like I can do anything. There were a couple of days when I was allowed to mourn [the death of Dallas McCarver, a close friend]. I was allowed to get upset and cry, and then I got my shit together because I would be letting so many people down, including Dallas, if I let my prep slide. Then we had the hurricane [in South Florida, where he lives], and that’s one of the reasons we had to come out to Vegas early.” At this time last year, Lewis felt six 212 titles would be enough and that he might relocate to the open division. Asked what happened to that idea, the Welsh Dragon smiles. “The realistic fact that I’d have to stand up against guys who weigh 300 pounds,” Lewis says. “It might still happen. I could definitely stand onstage at 220 and feel like I could hold my own, but it wouldn’t be against guys like Phil and Ramy. It’s encouraging to see what William [Bonac] has done, because I remember seeing him compete in the 212. But as good as he did here, William didn’t win [the Mr. Olympia]. And I’m all about winning. I will defend this title again. At the end of the day, it’s not the cash that motivates me. It’s all about the title.”