Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 77

his ginormous torso, and he wasn’t quite as crisp as last year. (Cutting it scary close, he had to weigh in three times before finally hitting 211.9 with only minutes to spare.) The Camel can wow with his width, but he’ll need to find a better balance and deeper cuts to climb that one final, crucial rung. THE WINNER, AGAIN “I train to change my physique every year, and the unfortunate thing is then I have to beat myself up to suck it in to that number [less than 212 pounds at the weigh-in],” Lewis said backstage after winning his sixth 212 Olympia. “I focused especially on bringing my back up this year, because Ashkanani has a phenomenal back. I focused on deep separation and muscle maturity, now that I’m getting older [33]. But I play to my strengths, not the strengths of the guys standing next to me.” Why should he? He and coach Neil Hill have developed a winning formula that they don’t veer from. His strengths are his 3 JOSE RAYMOND JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 75