Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 76

press conference and further joked that he was hawking T-shirts with that slogan. Lewis laughed, and so did Ahmad Ashkanani when Raymond contended he was going to slay the Dragon (Lewis) and the Camel (Ashkanani). I thought Raymond’s third-place finish last year was too high, but this year’s was too low. I had him second—as did the judges on Saturday, but it wasn’t enough to make up Friday’s deficit. The Boston Mass brought back the grainy look he’s noted for, best evident in a rear double biceps that seemed carved from granite. Ashkanani’s new nickname was a nod to his Kuwaiti cohorts, self-titled the Camel Crew, who were ubiquitous over the weekend in their black Oxygen Gym T-shirts. After his eye- opening second here last year and his win at March’s Arnold Classic, the 5’3” Ashkanani’s expectations were lofty. Once again, he was a tale of two halves. From the waist up, his rear lat spread is among the best in all of bodybuilding. But his wheels continue to be overshadowed by 2 74 AHMAD ASHKANANI FLEX | JANUARY 2018