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INSIDE THIS MONTH JANUARY 2018 COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY PER BERNAL DEPARTMENTS 38 16 1ST SET All the happenings with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, 212 Olympia champ Flex Lewis, the entire Team Weider roster, and more. THE DREAM KILLER Phil Heath wins his seventh straight Mr. Olympia. 26 LIFT Techniques that work, routines that produce results, and other things to help you make the most of your gym time. 34 FOOD & SUPPS All the things you need to eat, drink, or mix first and then drink to help you reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. 126 LAST SET Contest results, athlete profiles, and more from the world of competitive bodybuilding and fitness. 136 THE SHOT Iconic snapshots in the bodybuilding world. 92 A NEW BEGINNING 8 OLYMPIA WIN, TAKE 7 Following a seventh Mr. Olympia victory—tying him with the “GOAT,” Arnold Schwarzenegger— Phil Heath put his win in historical perspective as only he can. 54 COMPOUND POUNDING: PART 2 How to integrate free- weight, compound lifts with isolation, machine, and cable exercises to create the ultimate power workouts. 70 70 AND STILL UNDEFEATED With his sixth 212 Olympia victory, Flex Lewis remains unbeaten in the 212 division. 4 FLEX | JANUARY 2018 AMI Chairman, President, and CEO David J. Pecker’s historic announcement at the 2017 Olympia Weekend, presented by Amazon Sports Nutrition. 96 OMG, WHAT A WEEKEND! Title sponsor Amazon Sports Nutrition presents the 2017 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend. 78 114 HOW I BECAME THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN 106 In his own words, Eddie “the Beast” Hall tells you exactly how he trained for an entire year to win the World’s Strongest Man title for 2017. 120 VALENTINA’S DAY Valentina Lequeux has found her own to stand out in the world of fitness. WINNER’S CIRCLE Amazon Sports Nutrition presents the 2017 Olympia Weekend. Some division leaders extended their reigns, while others were overthrown or replaced—the only guarantee when the IFBB Pro League’s best athletes clash onstage for O supremacy is that it will be a weekend to remember. 106 SHOW TIME Showcasing the UK’s latest bodybuilding events. FEATURES