Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 53

12 LUKAS OSLADIL 15 GERALD WILLIAMS THE CHAMP So for the seventh time in seven years, Phil Heath had the winning formula of size, shape, and conditioning. He has gone where only three other men in the 53-year history of the Mr. Olympia have gone: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, 13 MAXX CHARLES 16 MICHAEL LOCKETT and Ronnie Coleman. But he has faced much harsher criticism than they did. “I’m the first Mr. Olympia to be in the social media age,” he says. “That’s a whole other line of pressure that people don’t understand, and that no other Mr. Olympia, other than maybe Jay [Cutler], got a taste 14 JOHNNIE JACKSON of. But this is at its peak. So anyone coming after my dynasty, they’re going to have to withstand enormous amounts of pressure when it comes to social media.” Over the next year, Phil Heath will have to withstand more than ever as he attempts to reach bodybuilding’s ultimate mark of excellence: eight. There are legions of haters who don’t want him to succeed. They say Coleman or a half-dozen other legends at their peak would’ve put him in his (not first) place. But contests aren’t virtual. They’re real and against flawed human beings in the here and now. Phil Heath won his seventh Sandow, fair and square. And Las Vegas oddsmakers would favour him to win No. Ё啅ȸ)eԁ啅ɸȁɕ)эeԁݕЁ)ɥѥ͵̰Ёѽ́)Ё́ݽЁЁѼ͕Ё)ȁٽɥєЁ́а)ݥ͠Ё݅́ѥɕٕȀ) Ёͽхͥ)A!Ѡѡ=ɱ́ɕ)хЁѡѠ=ݥ)ѼЁݥѠɥ)ѥͥ锰͡)ѥ%аéѼ)ѡȁɕ́)̰ѽ))9UId1`(