Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 50

“YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE GREAT SIZE AND NOT HAVE CONDITIONING. AND YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE CONDITIONING WITHOUT GOOD SIZE AND SHAPE.” McMillan’s 10th), but he can take consolation in the fact that he was only one point behind Beyeke in the final tally, and he earned one of the loudest roars of pre- judging with his freakish glute rolling. (What’s glute rolling? It’s a Lukas thing.) Beckham and Martinez were disqualified when they failed to show up for Saturday’s show. FINAL CALLOUT 4 DEXTER JACKSON Bonac, Heath, Elssbiay. Here it was—the top three. The champ started in the coveted centre space, but when Weinberger moved Elssbiay there, much of the crowd bellowed approval, and Ramy applauded as if clashing cymbals. Heath laughed. Ramy exerted his width advantage over the other two, seemingly taking up twice as much space with his hang glider rear lat spread. Bonac was moved to the middle, and the crowd cheered again. When Heath ended in the centre spot again, some in the audience booed. Seven years is a long time. FINALS Twenty hours later, backstage before Saturday’s finals, Heath wore a Terminator T-shirt as a nod to the legend he would soon catch. (Later, he posed to music from the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack.) I asked him about the shuffling of positions in the last callout the night before. “I think the fans need to see that,” he says. “I can see how the fans get riled up when their favourite guy gets moved to the middle, and I like seeing that. I think the showmanship and fun were there last night. They were creeping the line [moving in front of the stage’s taped line] and all that. They were doing every trick that I taught 48 FLEX | JANUARY 2018