Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 48

2 MAMDOUH ELSSBIAY slipped to eighth, tying (for the third time) his best placing. Head judge Steve Weinberger told me, “He was phenomenally conditioned, but he’s missing size. His legs need to grow.” SECOND CALLOUT Left to right: Josh Lenartowicz, Winklaar, Rhoden, Curry, Nathan De Asha, Cedric McMillan. Both Lenartowicz and De Asha looked 46 FLEX | JANUARY 2018 better from the front than the rear— the former because of an absence of rear striations and the latter because of his lagging lats. In fact, De Asha’s front double biceps and front lat spread were two of the most amazing poses of the weekend and surely helped him climb through the ranks to seventh. As he came off his seventh in last year’s O and his victory at this RAMY EXERTED HIS WIDTH ADVANTAGE OVER THE OTHER TWO, SEEMINGLY TAKING UP TWICE AS MUCH SPACE WITH HIS HANG GLIDER REAR LAT SPREAD.