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The top six crunch most- musculars. Left to right: Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Mamdouh Elssbiay, William Bonac, Roelly Winklaar. with internet trolls, who tired of his reign several Sandows ago. That said, the Mr. Olympia isn’t a sexiest waist contest. There are two divisions—men’s physique and classic physique—that put a premium on midsection svelteness and detailing. Now the good. Based on size, shape, and striations and seen from every angle, no one had better wheels than the reigning champ. “I wanted to neutralize the strengths of others, and a lot of other guys have great legs,” Heath says of a plan that paid off. “And as you can see over the past couple of years, I took my leg game to a whole other level. And I just wanted to be grainy. I wanted to show I was maturing.” That, too, he accomplished. As he ran through his poses, it was clear the 245-pound Gift had been better before, but it was also pretty clear that none of the 17 men who preceded him were better than him. FIRST CALLOUT Left to right: Rhoden, Bonac, Heath, Elssbiay, Jackson, Brandon Curry. In his eighth pro year, Curry was in the shape of his life, and, with Bonac, one of the two best conditioned bodybuilders in the lineup. What’s more, at 252, he had added fullness. He benefited from striking shots elbow to elbow with Jackson, whose legs also lag, because, sharper and wider, he beat him in pose after pose. I had him fourth, but he eventually JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 45