Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 45

IT WAS CLEAR THE 245-POUND GIFT HAD BEEN BETTER BEFORE, BUT IT WAS ALSO PRETTY CLEAR THAT NONE OF THE 17 MEN WHO PRECEDED HIM WERE BETTER THAN HIM. previous five Os, highlighted by his runner-up finish last year. But he was a bit blurry this time, forced to do battle without his most effective weapon—abdominal clarity. He also appeared a little smaller than previous years. As the 42-year-old Flexatron ran through his mandatory poses, it was clear that he would drop from the top trio. But how far would he fall? COMPETITOR no . 10 The opposite question accompanied Mamdouh Elssbiay: How high could he climb? Big Ramy, all three bills of him, makes a meh first impression. Standing semi relaxed and then striking a front double biceps, he’s a mostly blank canvas, lacking ab or quad lines, and his waist seems wide. But as he rolls through subsequent poses, he transforms. His hips vanish, lines materialize. In his phenomenal side and rear shots, he looks like the 14th Mr. Olympia. Aw, hell, give him the Sandow now; Heath can’t hang with that. Then, just as swiftly, he loses his hold on the crowd and judges with a most-muscular that fails to splinter his pecs and an abs and thigh that appears downright blocky. It’s as if we watched him over a sequence of poses go from fourth to first to third. COMPETITOR no . 14 After he beat every O contender at the Prague Pro two weeks after last year’s Olympia, much was expected of William Bonac. Once again the 5’7”, 230-pound Dutchman delivered. With a full year of training, his pecs and hamstrings—my only two quibbles last year—were up to snuff. Nobody raised more fine detailing JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 43