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collective “whoa” to subside. William Bonac stated, “I’m expecting me and Phil to be the last men standing on Saturday.” Cedric McMillan orchestrated a minute of silence in memory of his fellow “Big Mac,” Dallas McCarver. Dexter Jackson, the other Mr. Olympia winner onstage, exchanged good-natured barbs with Heath about who had faced the toughest lineups. And it was Jackson, then two months shy of 48, who got off the most memorable line of the event in answer to the question: When are you going to retire? “I give myself two to three years every year, and then I keep winning, so I keep adding two to three years.” He laughed along with everyone. “So, two to three years.” COMPETITOR no . 1 For the first time, Roelly Winklaar took a whole year to grow, looking to better last year’s sixth-place finish. It was evident from his first pose that he had indeed, somehow, managed to pack even more meat on his 5’8” frame— those arms! those delts!—but at a glassy 264, he lacked the requisite detailing to move up. COMPETITOR no . 6 The top three is where Shawn Rhoden resided in four of the JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 41