Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 37

FOOD & SUPPS MEAL OF THE MONTH BY JENNIFER ISERLOH HAM IT UP Americans purchase an estimated 318 million pounds of ham around the holidays. Baked Ham With Kale-Parmesan Pesto SERVES 6 3 lbs low-sodium, uncured, smoked ham 4 cups kale leaves, packed ¼ cup walnuts or pine nuts 2 garlic cloves 2½ cups extra-virgin olive oil ¼ cup Parmesan cheese CHEWING THE FAT AMAZE YOUR GUESTS WITH A GARLICKY, CHEESY, YET SURPRISINGLY HEALTHY HAM. HAM GETS A BAD RAP from bodybuilders since most ham products are high in sodium and contain more fat than chicken or turkey. However, baked ham is an extra-lean, high source of protein. Ham is also high in B vitamins: B6, which supports a healthy nervous system and adrenal glands, and B3 (niacin), which can help lower cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. This festive dish is better in two ways: It cuts back on the salt, just by going for a low-sodium ham, and adds in a super healthy sauce powered by kale, one of the top super foods. The garlicky kale- Parmesan pesto is also a versatile condiment that can be used in eggs and sandwiches as well as soups and salads. 1. Heat oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with …±Õµ¥¹Õ´™½¥°¸M•Ð¡…´½¸Ñ½À)½˜‰…­¥¹œÍ¡••Ð¸(ȸA±…”­…±”°¹ÕÑÌ°…¹…ɱ¥Œ)¥¸„™½½Áɽ•Íͽȁ…¹)Áɽ•Í́չѥ°­…±”¥Ì™¥¹•±ä)¡½ÁÁ•¸‘½±¥Ù”)½¥°…¹¡••Í”…¹Áɽ•ÍÌ)չѥ°Íµ½½Ñ ¸MÁɕ…€ÈÑ‰ÍÀ)Á•ÍѼ½Ù•È¡…´…¹‰…­”(ÐÀÑ¼€Ðԁµ¥¹Õѕ̰½ÈÕ¹Ñ¥°)¡…´¥Ì¡½Ð…¹Á•ÍѼÍхÉÑÌ)Ѽ‰É½Ý¸¸(̸I•ÍЁ¡…´€Ôµ¥¹Õѕ́½¸)Ñ¡”½Õ¹Ñ•ÈÑ½À¸M±¥”¡…´)…¹Í•ÉٔÉ•µ…¥¹¥¹œÁ•ÍѼ)½¸Ñ¡”Í¥‘”¸(ÌÔ؀܁œ) 1=I%L I L(È䁜€È́œ)AI=Q%8P))9UId€ÈÀÄàð1`(ÌÔ