Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 32

LIFT LAB TO GYM BY BRYAN HAYCOCK DON’T BE A FAILURE TRAINING TO FAILURE MAY NOT BE NECESSARY FOR GROWTH. The idea of training to failure started officially with Thomas DeLorme, M.D., after WWII. He used a protocol of three sets of 20 repetitions taken to failure. Training to what is called “momentary muscular failure” is still believed by most to be an essential factor in promoting strength gains. Many do not realize that this idea has never been officially tested in trained bodybuilders, who are more interested in size than strength, so researchers decided it was time t fBWB$U4T$4W7G&Ɩ&W6V&6W'06&VBG&rFfW&RvF7FrGv&W26'BbfW&RF2&F6F6RvFV66WBFfW&PW&f&VB6&W2W 6WBvRF6Rv7FVB6'BbfW&PW&f&VBfW"&W0W"6WB7V&V7G0W6VBRRbFV"$7&726V7F&VbFR&6W2v0V7W&VB&Vf&R@gFW""vVV2`G&rFRfW&Pw&WFR6W@FfW&RV6vVVFV7W&RFWvW&R7FW6rFV"e$vVv@F&VvWBFRG&pW&BdDu0gFW""vVV2FW&Pv2FffW&V6P&WGvVVFRGvw&W244U4Fr6WG2FfW&R2BV6W76'F֗Rw&wFWfVG&VBƖgFW'2Ĕ4D&WfW2&W6V&626vF@vVW6r^( 0U$vVvBW66P7FfF&V6W2FVRF&VRFffP&W2&Vf&RFR@bfW&RbFP7FVW2f"w&wF0BFVBFVЦ7FfFbF VG2FVF2066Ɨ6VB&Vf&PW66RfW&R67W'26F&WGFW"Ff&B&VGV6RFP&6bW'7F7B6WG26WR`&W2&Vf&RfW&R֖RVGW"v2V&ǒ&VB`G&rFfW&R3dUT%#DU4