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SMALL-ANGLE CHEST ROUTINE EXERCISE SETS REPS BENCH PRESS 2 Inches Narrower 1 8-10 Shoulder Width 1 8-10 2 Inches Wider 1 8-10 4 Inches Wider 1 8-10 6 Inches Wider 1 8-10 45-degree Incline 1 10-12 20-degree Incline 1 10-12 Flat 1 10-12 20-degree Incline 1 10-12 45-degree Incline 1 10-12 DUMBBELL FLYE CABLE CROSSOVER Highest Position 1 12-15 High Position 1 12-15 Shoulder Height 1 12-15 Low Position 1 12-15 Lowest Position 1 12-15 SMALL-ANGLE BASICS To work all fibres of a muscle, hit it from a multitude of angles. rows from shoulder width and underhand to wide and overhand. By progressively raising a cable’s height and using a rope, you can go from a low row to a medium row to a face-pull to a pulldown. With a progressively raised Smith machine bar, you can crank out inverted rows (like lat ladders) at a sequence of angles. Chest From narrower than shoulder width to very wide, barbells can be pressed with a variety of grips. For dumbbell presses or flyes, an adjustable incline or a decline bench can be positioned to work pecs from the uppermost edge (incline) to the lower cliff (decline). Cable crossovers can be performed from low to high and all the positions in between. Shoulders From narrow to wide, overhead barbell presses and upright rows can be done with a variety of grips. You can alter your hand position during Vary exercises for each body part, such as one with a barbell, another with dumbbells, and a third with a machine. Change your grip, stance, or the position of the bench or body angle on each set. dumbbell presses from palms forward to palms facing each other to palms facing backward. One-arm side laterals can be done leaning toward the floor, standing straight, and leaning away from the floor. While lying on an adjustable bench set in many positions, you can perform front raises. Shrugs can be done with two low cables held behind your back, straight down, and in front. Triceps Pushdowns and cable triceps extensions can be subtly changed each set from an underhand grip with a straight bar to overhand grips with a variety of bars or a rope. Biceps Barbell curls can be altered from a very narrow grip to a very wide grip with multiple stops in between. You can also change the angle of curls. For example, go from a 45-degree preacher curl to a Scott curl to a regular curl. Abdominals Do crunches, sit ups, and leg raises on an adjustable incline bench set in any position from highest to lowest. JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 29