Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 25

1ST SET WEIDER ATHLETES WEIGH IN WHO ARE YOU PREDICTING WILL WIN THE OLYMPIA THIS YEAR? I think Phil is a good bet, but I think it’s going to come down to a battle between Phil and Dexter. If Ramy can show up at his potential, he could be in the mix, too. [Check out our full Mr. Olympia report to see how close Morel came with his predictions.] YOU DIDN’T COMPETE IN THE OLYMPIA, EVEN THOUGH YOU QUALIFIED BY TOPPING THE OLYMPIA QUALIFICATION SERIES. DO YOU WORRY THAT YOU MISSED A CHANCE? Not at all. I want to wait to make improvements. Besides, I believe that if I can’t win a show, I don’t belong on the O stage. I’ve been in the top 10, and now I want to be in the top five, top six. Those guys don’t have to compete year-round, where you’re always getting ready for a show. I’m not going to improve by dieting—it’s got to be through training and time off from competing. I can’t think about today—I have to think about tomorrow. JUAN MOREL SHAWN RHODEN WH PIe=T1%9)Q!9-U0=H%8)ȁ䁙䰁䁑՝ѕȁ)ݥ䁥є䰁)䁡Ѡ䁙éѠ)ѡЁ'eѼɽ٥)ѡ䁑ͽѡѡЁ$ٔ))e=WeII%9L]%Q )U85=I0)]!<%L1M<