Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 21

1ST SET ASK THE CHAMP BY FLEX LEWIS, SIX-TIME 212 OLYMPIA WINNER BODYBUILDING, EH? Marking the 212 champ’s first foray into promoting north of the American border, the Flex Lewis Canadian Classic took place last summer in New Brunswick, Canada. Lewis and co-promoters Heather and Jean LeBlanc greeted 84 competitors at the sign-in for this nonqualifying event, which was open to athletes in the Canadian provinces. Guest posers included Lewis, Chris Bumstead, Julian Colley, and Jonathan Shreve. WHEN YOU TRAVEL BY PLANE, DO YOU PACK YOUR OWN MEALS? There are a couple of ways to answer that, but the best response is that it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. For example, when I flew to Canada in July for the Flex Lewis Canadian Classic, I was booked into business class, so it seemed as if I wouldn’t need my own meal— because I can generally get something appro­priate for my diet in business class. Then my flight was delayed for an hour, and during that hour waiting in the terminal, someone from the airline let me know the meal service on the flight had been cancelled. They were ex­plaining to me that the airline would refund me the price of the meal, but I was just feeling glad that I had packed a meal. You never know what’s going to happen, and whatever does happen, you’re still going to need to eat. Best to be ready for it. OUTSIDE OF BODYBUILDING, WHAT SPORTS ARE YOU WATCH %9) 1=M1d)55䁙ȁQɅ)́ɕаѽ)9=IQ!I8)aA=MUI)=;eP 15 9Q I%9)===HQ!I=)