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1ST SET ASK THE CHAMP BY PHIL HEATH, SEVEN-TIME MR. OLYMPIA (2011–17) THE GREAT INDOORS HOW DOES THE CHAMP PREFER TO SPEND HIS FREE TIME? YOU GREW UP IN THE NORTHWEST, AND YOU LIVE IN COLORADO. ARE YOU AN OUTDOORSMAN AT ALL? DO YOU ENJOY CAMPING, FISHING, HIKING— ANY OF THOSE THINGS? Well, it’s true I grew up in Seattle, but I’m more into sports—practices, training, and games— than the outdoor stuff. That was how I spent my free time. When I started doing body­ building, outdoors stuff wasn’t what I did because of my job, and some of it puts you at risk of injury. There’s too many things that could end my career, so no hiking—though I do love to be outdoors—and no winter sports at all, because the competitive side of me would force me to show off, and that’s when accidents are bound to happen. I have to mention how thankful and excited I am to be engaged to Shurie [Cremona]. Otherwise, thinking back over the past year, I would say that I am also thankful for finding out who my real friends are. ARE YOU STILL A GAMER? WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT FAVOURITE? A little bit—not as much as I would prefer. I still play Doom and Titanfall 2. Just purchased Prey—that should be a good one. Waiting for the new Gran Turismo and Tekken 7. I still like to get in my game time. WHAT DO YOUR BICEPS AND CHEST MEASURE THESE DAYS? Haven’t measured my chest in a while. My biceps are at 23 inches. JANUARY 2018 | FLEX WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR IN 2017? 17