Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 132

LAST SET POSEDOWN COLEMAN VS. Elssbiay has hovered around the 300 mark in all five of his Olympias. Coleman retired six years before Elssbiay’s rookie campaign, denying us a 600-pound clash of the titans. However, through the magic of editing, we can contemplate a Big Ramy versus Big Nasty callout. And we can see a road map for how Elssbiay can, perhaps, chisel in enough cuts to possess not just the quantity but also the quality to become, like Coleman before him, Mr. Olympia. RONNIE COLEMAN WASN’T the first bodybuilder to stand on stage at (nearly) three bills. Lou Ferrigno, for one, had done so more than a decade before, but the Hulk is six inches taller than the Big Nasty, and he didn’t come close to winning the Sandow. Coleman, who was officially listed at 287 in 2003 and 297 in 2004—just a biscuit shy of 300—won the Olympia eight times, including those two years. Now we have the even bigger Big Ramy. Mamdouh 130 FLEX | JANUARY 2018