Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 130

LAST SET JUDGE’S TABLE INHERITED FATE CAN GENETICS (OR AN OLD INJURY) DERAIL YOUR CONTEST CHANCES? Symmetry like Bob Paris’ are largely genetic, but you can make the most of yours with diligent training. STEVE WEINBERGER HOW DAMAGING TO A SCORE ARE GENETIC DEFECTS OR OBVIOUS INJURIES THAT AFFECT SYMMETRY? FOR INSTANCE, I’M NOT PREDISPOSED TO A HIGH, BULGING PEAK IN MY BICEPS—MY MUSCLE BELLIES ARE LONGER. I ALSO HAVE AN OLD PEC TEAR THAT HAS LEFT ONE SIDE OF MY CHEST WITH A DEFORMATION. AM I DOOMED, OR CAN THESE THINGS BE OVERLOOKED IF I NAIL MY OVERALL MASS AND CONDITIONING? Genetic structure is important in bodybuilding since it’s a visual sport. A person who is born with wide shoulders, a full rib cage, small waist and joints, and proportionate torso-­­­ to-leg length will have a natural advantage to the person not blessed with these features. That said, genetic flaws can be overcome with many years of intelligent, dedicated training. This is true in all sports, where 128 FLEX | JANUARY 2018