Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 126

“He is my coach and nutritionist, and he also knows how to push my buttons, in the wrong way and the right way,” Lequeux says. “The gym is where he is no longer my husband and just my coach. He breaks me in there every time and has no remorse for me. This is what my type of character needed, someone to push me around in the gym and test my limits.” Lequeux has taken her newfound knowledge and passion to new heights, as seen by her 124 FLEX | JANUARY 2018 600,000-plus followers on Instagram. She is still adjusting to her new levels of success and notoriety. “I don’t really feel popular or known until someone stops me on the street for a photo, which is so strange to me—I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it,” s H^\˂'H[HڙX[ۙ\[XYKHX[HHܝ^HYH[H]Y[H[ [H\][B[\[]^H[YY[^HۛYK'BH\]][\]X]H ]][[JB[[UXH[[ [][][[ܙH[HXYY\H\ˈ8'x&[ݚYH[B]]\[[ۜو\ۘ[X[%]YHH[\YB[ۙH^K܈[H[\\HHY\[[\H[H[ZH[\[]][ۈYXKX\\\[Y[YXK[Z[Bܚ]܈H[ܙHۋ^[\Bۈ\X '