Flex Flex UK - January 2018 - Page 119

RISE OF THE BEAST How Eddie Hall became the World’s Strongest Man. 2011 Wins the first of six U.K.’s Strongest Man titles. 2012 Finishes eighth in his first appear­ ance at Europe’s Strongest Man. 2013 Misses out on the final of W ܛ8&\”ۙ\X[HۙH[ M[\\œ^]Bܛ8&\”ۙ\X[ MH]BXYYܛXܙو Š K NHH[۝و\\[YB\]B\\X]\[XK MXY\™\X[[\BܞHXYYL  K L K M[Hܛ8&\”ۙ\X[]YH KSPTH NVLM