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SHOW TIME REPORT BY RYAN ALEXANDER 2017 PCA XPLOSIVE APE GRAND PRIX Held on 22nd October 2017 at the Town Hall, Birmingham. Birmingham yet again maintained its place as Britain’s shining jewel in the crown of amateur bodybuilders at this, the final 2017 PCA qualifier of a momentous year. With more than 300 competing athletes this was a qualifier of few if any precedent. The immediate area around the iconic Birmingham Town Hall was awash with competitors & supporters alike- fake tan, sports clothes & ladies with garish stage makeup oozed in & out of the building for the duration of the day. To a seasoned supporter of bodybuilding it was a familiar sight in the proximity of a bodybuilding event but in this case the scale was truly huge. PCA Midlands, re-invented in the sponsors’ new designation of The Xplosive Ape Grand Prix has always proven to be an extremely popular event in the short but meteoric existence of the PCA. Competitors and fans alike have gravitated towards this magnificent venue. The huge stage, cathedral like hall & the usual PCA fare of great backdrops, lighting, sound systems & of course a slickly run show that twists on its heels & run with precision as all PCA shows do, showcases exactly how these events are meant to be.  The spectators were entertained by easily one of the highest competitor standards of 2017. Including alongside a great amateur show a tremendous Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Class and an excellent Bikini Pro Class. There was the usual variety of physiques & categories on display, including the extremely popular Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Carlie Davies providing more emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of the sport.  Testament to the quality in this class was that the eventual overall winner Marcin Pulik shone through from the moment he entered the stage. Marcin is definitely a star in the making, he has magnificent structure & with a few tweaks to his very balanced physique you would imagine he should be a regular visitor to the winners podium in future years.  All classes displayed great talent and very obviously some athletes brought their A-game on what was JANUARY 2018 | FLEX 107