Fleuresse: Wedding Floral Style Guide volume 1 - Page 62

credits Pages 1-2: Sydney Floral Events. Page 3: Kate Dawes Flower Design. Page 4: Floral & Event Decorators. Page 5:Val Sparks Florist. Page 6: Clockwise: Affair with George Flowers, The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie, Affair with George Flowers, Gentle Flowers. Page 7: Wallflower, Floralesse. Page 8: Green and Bloom, Denise’s Flower Studio Page 9: Poppy Lane Flowers By Design, Flower Nation. Page 10: Sara Meredith Designer Florist, Chic Rustique. Page 11: Leongatha Flower Power. Page 12: Bottom left: Wedding Flowers By Keren. Bottom middle: Merci Bouquet. Bottom right: Poppies Flowers. Centre left: Marsfield Florist. Centre right: Plectrum Banjo. Top: Stunning and Styled. Page 13: Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio. 59 Page 14: Bottom left: Lovely Bridal Blooms. Bottom middle: Flower Hut. Bottom right: The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie. Centre left: Art of Bloom Florist. Centre right: Jada Flowers. Top: Colour City Limousines. Page 15: Pullen Flowers. Page 16: Bottom left: House of Loulou & Co. Bottom middle: Ivy Florist. Bottom right: Autumn Kisses Floral Design. Centre left: Nina Angela Photography & Flowers. Centre right: Cotton Blossom. Top: Green Goddess Flowers. Page 17: Andrea Raup Floral Design. Page 18: Bottom left: A Sculpted Leaf. Bottom middle: Chelsea’s Flower Crowns. Bottom right: Nina Angela Photography & Flowers. Centre left: Green and Bloom. Centre right: Georgeous Events. Top: Rutherglen Florist. Page 19: Blooms of Noosa. Page 20: Bottom left: Petals to Inspire. Bottom middle: A Sculpted Leaf. Bottom right: Bridal Bouquets By Vanessa. Centre left: Belinda Vellnagel. Centre right: Mina’s Floral Creations. Top: My Darling Flowers. Page 21: Sara Meredith Designer Florist Page 43: Top far left: the white orchid floral design. Top left: Flowers By Dolly. Top right: Flowers By Alice. Top far right: Unveiling Poppy. Bottom far left: i-Blossom. Bottom left: Petal and Pod. Bottom right: Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio. Bottom far right: Flos Florum. Page 49: Top far left: CH Floral Designs. Top left: Sakura Flowers. Top right: Basia Puchalski Floral Design. Top far right: Flower Hut. Bottom far left: Alisha Ellis - Wedding Floral Designer. Bottom left: Natalie Carr Floral Designs. Bottom right: Cotton Blossom. Bottom far right: In Bloom Floral Art. Page 35: Bodaflora Designs. Page 44: Rutherglen Florist. Page 50: The Flower Butcher. Page 36: Clockwise: Bayside Florist, Victoria Fitzgibbon Byron Bay, Flos Florum, Sugar Bee Flowers, Nina Angela Photography & Flowers. Page 45: Top far left: B Sweet Flowers. Top left: Leongatha Flower Power. Top right: Pattersons Florist Botany. Top far right: Mackay Wedding Flowers. Bottom far left: Bella In Bloom. Bottom left: Flower Nation. Bottom right: Susie’s For Flowers. Bottom far right: Nina Angela Photography and Flowers. Page 51: Green and Bloom. Page 22: Bottom left: Floral Fantasies. Bottom middle: the white orchid floral design. Bottom right: House of Loulou & Co. Centre left: Flower Nation. Centre right: The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie. Top: Franciose Weeks. Page 37: The Flower Butcher. Page 38: Clockwise: The Rose and Radish, Green and Bloom, Cotton Blossom, Gentle Flowers, Leongatha Flower Power. Page 39: Miss Maggies. Page 40: Clockwise: In Bloom Floral Art, Hitomi Wilson of B Sweet Flowers, Affair with George Flowers, Sakura Flowers, The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie. Page 41: Sugar Bee Flowers. Page 42: Clockwise: Bodaflora Designs, Mary Mary Studio, Seraphine Floral, edith & may, Floral Fantasies. Page 46: Affair with George Flowers. Page 47: Top far left: Bowerbirds Playground. Top left: Unveiling Poppy. Top right: Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio. Top far right: Alba Roses. Bottom far left: Green and Bloom. Bottom left: Bohemian Bloom Designs. Bottom right: Affair with George Flowers. Bottom far right: Kathy’s Creative Flowers. Page 48: Alba Roses. Page 52: Clockwise: Alstonville Florist, Green and Bloom, Floral Accent. Page 53: Clockwise: Green and Bloom, Freelance Flowers, Autumn Kisses. Page 54: the white orchid floral design. Page 55: Green and Bloom. Published by: Tesselaar Flowers Authors: Seamus Anthony and Kyla Helgeson Content creation and design: Kyla Helgeson Editors: Steve White and Seamus Anthony Cover image: Flowers By Julia Rose All content © 2015 Tesselaar Flowers Pty Ltd, except 3rd party images which we have used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tesselaars ‘Top Gun’ Wedding Flowers Competition, in which entrants confirm they are the image copyright holders or that they have obtained permission from the image copyright holders for Tesselaar Flowers to use the images. Any queries please contact Tesselaar Flowers Pty Ltd via webadmin@ tesselaars.com Page 56: Clockwise: Bella Bloom Floral Designs, Petals to Inspire, Affair with George Flowers. Page 57: Clockwise: Alstonville Florist, Fern Wedding Florist, Kamalajane Floral Design. Page 58: Bundles of Blossoms. 60