Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 27, Issue 12

The Fleur-de-Lis Connection LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP INSPIRES GLMS PHYSICIANS AND OFFICE MANAGERS Attendees paired up during a workshop session. President-Elect Dr. Wayne Tuckson introduced Dr. Dike Drummond (right). An enlightening four-hour Leadership Workshop was hosted at GLMS Headquarters on the morning of Saturday, December 2. This year’s speaker was Dr. Dike Drummond, founder of www.thehappymd. com, who led the group of physicians and office managers through an examination of how stress affects them at work and at home. One of Dr. Drummond’s principal talking points was the idea of stress, not as a problem but as a dilemma. “Problems, you can solve. You solve problems every day. But dilemmas don’t have easy solutions. You have to live with them and understand their root causes.” The workshop was a huge success with many in attendance praising the event as it ended. President-Elect Wayne Tuckson, MD, spoke to the Board of Governors the following week and said, “I am really glad I went. It showed the value of the space we have at GLMS. The only problem is: How will you top this? The bar is set high.” After the workshop, GLMS passed around a survey for those in at- tendance and received great feedback. Almost everyone in atten- dance said four hours was the right amount of time and that they’d recommend the event to colleagues and friends. There were many great comments including “Excellent! Keep up the great work!” and “I almost didn’t come because I am so busy, but this was really good, and I’m glad I came.” Dr. Drummond in action. INSIDE THIS ISSUE PAGE 1 - GLMS Leadership Workshop PAGE 2 - Board of Governors Highlights PAGE 3 - Anthem Payment Changes PAGE 4 - Look ahead at 2018 Legislation PAGE 4 - You're a member of HEN NEWS FROM THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY