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Artists to follow

YHiro le Coq is an Afrobeat singer of Congolese origin, born in France on July 14, 1989. When he was younger, he was stacking DVDs in his father's store. That's where his interest of music comes from. He was influenced by two legends of African music, Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide. In 2007, he danced and sang with his high school friends outside of classes. That's when the adventure of Bana C4 began. His stage name "Hiro le Coq" comes from Hiroshima, a nickname he had in high school. In 2015, the group took a break and Hiro decided to start a solo career that grew in Africa and France, with the single «Aveuglé» (Blinded) in 2016. Hiro said in an interview: "It's really my musical imprint, a mix of Congolese rumba and Caribbean sound ". The same year, he collaborated with Chindinma, a Nigerian singer, on the title «Ton pied mon pied», (Your foot my foot). A single that will be one of the most listened after «Aveuglé». Following this success, he released his first album entitled «De la haine à l’amour» (From hatred to love) in 2017.

Youssoupha Mabiki, the co-owner of the label Bomayé Musik, considers this record as a gem, one of the most successful of his label to date. Hiro is described as "an African phenomenon"