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What type of person are you if don’t mind me asking?

Well I’m laid back, talkative . I love laughing, making jokes with the guys. You know people are just people I’m respectful of everybody whatever their backgrounds.

As a woman in the music industry, do you think it’s easier or harder being a women out there?

That is a very good question. Well it’s fine I haven’t got an issue. I get along pretty well with almost everybody I have meet so far. I have been respectful; I have been enjoying the ride so far.

During the month of November 2019, you will be touring for the 80th anniversary of your Label Blue Note Records, what can we expect during your appearance on stage?

I'm on tour from November 2nd. I'll be performing in several cities across the US. I will be performing with James Carter Organ Trio and James Francies at The Moore Theater in Seattle on Thursday, November 21. During this tour, we will be accompanied with others amazing musicians like Aneesa Strings a bassist, vocalist and composer from Oakland California. We are harmonizing right now it’s pretty exciting.

As we are closing this talk do you have a special word towards the public?

I will say, be who you are, be yourself. You only have one life, and you should try to make the best out of it. Stay healthy, work out if you can. I play soccer on my days off.

Oh really, I was a soccer player myself I mean football.

Yeah football what position did you play ?

Midfielder, playmaker…

Oh well if you stop in Nashville one of these days, we will go play together, you’ll play in our team so we can win (Laughs).

Ok for sure… Kandace Flashmag! and its readership thank you for this talk. All the best. And never forget you are an amazing being.

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