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to hack their top-secret data.

Fighting a battle online based on fear and lies.

Countries are gradually adopting instances of cyberwar prevention, like the United States, which, in May 2010, set up the US Cyber Command, the body in charge of cyber security under the direct authority of the United States Army chief of staff. In Europe, the European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) helps companies and member states to anticipate security vulnerabilities and attacks on network and information security. In January 2010, South Korea created its Cybersecurity Center to anticipate attacks from North Korea and China.

A terrain where the geostrategy of the internet is visible is Africa. Beyond the attempts to control Internet by dictatorships that pills on the continent, there is a consequential relationship that dominates the life of the Internet on the continent. Upstream the high cost of connection causes a domino effect downstream. Companies selling Internet services on the continent in general are an offshoot of the colonial powers. Thus, the expensive cost of the Internet prevents the majority of the population to have access to information and knowledge. This limitation of the Internet in the African continent contributes largely to the underdevelopment of mentalities, which facilitates the manipulation and the exploitation as well by rogue local governments and Kleptocrats multinationals.

In the West, piracy and manipulation of consciousness by Internet, evolve in a field difficult to define because of the wide social and economic spectrum it covers. Instead of content censorship; the West tends to favor and multiply entertainment content that diverts the population to less critical issues. Instagram, which highlights lifestyle images, is becoming more popular than Facebook, where articles and blogs have often educated people about social issues.

The false or well-founded accusations of a certain fringe of the American political class on the Russian manipulation of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, despite the enormous means available to the American government with the NSA juggernaut, prove that the internet has become an essential tool of global geopolitics.