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As Instagram Hides Likes, Young Users are Switching to Business Accounts, Exposing Personal Data

As Instagram continues to expand its initiative of hiding public like counts in order to reduce competition on the platform - which, studies have shown, can be particularly harmful for younger users - new research suggests that a growing number of young users are now converting their personal profiles into business accounts in order to access more in-depth audience data on their post performance.

That's particularly concerning, given that in order to list yourself as a 'business' on the platform, you need to provide additional contact info, like a phone number or email address, which is then displayed in your publicly accessible bio.

Over the past several months, Facebook has launched legal action against several companies for operating fake Like and engagement services. And now, Facebook's taking aim at another type of misrepresentation, in the form of 'click injection' scams.

As explained by Facebook:

"Today, Facebook filed suit against two app developers for click injection fraud. The developers made apps available on the Google Play store to infect their users’ phones with malware. The malware created fake user clicks on Facebook ads that appeared on the users’ phones, giving the impression that the users had clicked on the ads."

As outlined here, 'click injection' is essentially building a system which simulates ad clicks, and presents them as actual engagement.

The issue is a major one for Facebook, as it not only costs the company in a monetary sense, but it also has the potential to undermine confidence in the data that it provides to its advertisers.


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Pinterest Reaches 300 Million Users, Posts Better Than Expected Profit in Q2

Pinterest has provided an update on its performance, giving investors a look at how it's tracking towards its broader growth goals.

And the company is tracking pretty well - first off, on users, Pinterest is now up to 300 million monthly actives, a 30% increase on a year ago.

That growth momentum is significant - for example, Twitter's mDAU, it's newly implemented user growth stat of focus, was up 14% YoY in its latest report, while Snapchat's DAU was up 8% on equivalent time scale. That means Pinterest is growing faster than both, which is important to note - especially when you also consider that Pinterest's total user count is now comparable to Twitter, despite it's much lower profile.

In the video, a 12-minute anti-gay rant titled “Pride and Prejudice,” Soph encourages her followers to “make sure to blame me in your manifestos” — a direct reference to the kind of document posted to 8chan by the Christchurch shooter who killed 51 people in March. On Saturday August 3rd, the El Paso shooting suspect would also publish a manifesto to 8chan before killing 22 people.