Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 96 August 2019 - Page 45


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2 wrong won’t make it right, one would say. Very little affected by these negative reviews, Liza Monet released her first EP in February 2013 Purple Money. The young prodigy returned in 2015 with a clip and a single "J.A.M.A.I.S" where the public rediscovered her rhythmic prose. In 2017 Liza advanced in her musical adventure with No time then it will be Hi Bitch in 2018, and Chikwang & Rougail in 2019 from her project Alexandra

Adversity strengthens the creative genius because when you do not have a plausible outcome you have to reinvent yourself and that's what Liza Monet did with some success.

Her clip "My Best Plan" released in 2012 has collected more than 5 million views, however in France because of her raw language, many continue to categorize her in the trash column, while they have admiration for Americans lyrics who do not do less, in vulgarity.

Liza Monet Chikwang & Rougail