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Liza Monet

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With Liza Monet it's daring that one way or another infuses art with all its candor in a decadent world, where fun can become a whole philosophy of life. Is the artist a reflection of society, or is it his concept that influences society or at least a part of society? In any case the debate remains open, and Liza Monet could only build her way in a world where realism calls for either the courage to say no or the weakness to accept the speculative compromise.

Born in 1989 in Paris, Liza Monet has made her niche in women's rap in France. Because of her controversial, controversial including this incursion into the skin industry, when she was looking for her way, Liza was entitled to several negative reviews which allowed a bad buzz that paradoxically shed light on her first project titled " Monet Close ". Despite some hiccups and difficult beginnings, nothing could disarm Liza of her ambitions, in an environment where she received shots everywhere.