Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 110 October 2020 - Page 87


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Joy uses graphite and charcoal and paper just like Nwadiogbu. Her work gained international notoriety when it was profiled in TeenVogue.

Beyond these artists there is a young prodigy Kareem Olamilekan, who was born in 2006. He currently lives with his parent in Lagos and schools at the Ayowole Academy of Art.

He started drawing at the age of 6. On 3 July 2018, in two hours, he drew a hyperrealistic portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron, during the president's visit to the Fela Kuti's New Africa Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria. President Macron was impressed and touched by Olamilekan's work that he tweeted a short video featuring the young boy drawing. As a result, Olamilekan's work has received international recognition since then. In 2019 - He won Taiwan’s 22nd Fervent Global Love of Lives Award

Kareem Olamilekan, the young painter