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With the pandemic that has since devastated the world, do you think the post-Covid19 world, will be better? and the current trend towards the online distribution of artistic works, do you think this will positively or negatively impact the cinema world?

Fabien Gravillon: I think everyone will learn from this pandemic. The rigor on certain things such as washing your hands regularly for example….

In any case, I hope that the post-Covid 19 world will be better, but honestly I'm not sure ... let's wait and see ...

For me, the online distribution of artistic works is a good thing and it is a positive impact for the movie industry. It is complementary with theater releases .Now with platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, we have access to a large catalog of films and it is also a beautiful showcase for independent and Black movies.

You continue on your way, but if you had to project your career in time how would you like it to be in the future?

Fabien Gravillon: Always and always more role, nothing makes me happier than acting.

If there were a few things to say to younger peoples who want to get into acting, what would you say to them?

Fabien Gravillon: Never give up and go after your dreams.

It is true that it is a very difficult and selective profession, but if you give up it will give away a place (which could be yours) to someone else.

As we close this interview, do you have a special word for the public? and what is your agenda for the next few months?

Fabien Gravillon: I will continue to lend my voice for the dubbing of films and TV series and you will soon be able to hear me in the French version of the cartoon Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy and the African-American sitcom Family Reunion (Welcome to Mamilia) on Netflix.

And of course, you can also find me in the role of Alex in the film The Destiny of a Child on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

Thanks to you, wherever you are, for taking the time to read me. A big thank you to the entire team of Flashmag .

Fabien Gravillon Flashmag and his readership, thank you for this interview, good luck.

Interview By Hubert Marlin - Journalist

Rodrigue Mbock

Samuel Nja Kwa

Fabien Gravillon with Rebecca Zama in The Child's Destiny