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Fabien Gravillon: I tell myself that I am finally where I have always dreamed of being.

Where the whole world dreams of being.

Where the weather is nice all year round, winter and summer.

Where the movie industry is open to artists from all walks of life ...

In 2017, you appeared in the African-American sitcom “Family Time” which aired on Bounce tv and in the comedy series “Hotline Ads” produced by Kevin Hart. That same year you played a New York policeman in the musical, “Strength of The Nation played in Hollywood. In barely a year in the USA, you had a big start, how did you like it? When you arrived did you hope to start at this level?

Fabien Gravillon: I'm lucky to have an agent in the USA who allowed me to get all these opportunities quickly.

Last year in the US we saw you in Martin Garrix and Macklemore music video that since, has over 22million views. How was it possible and how did you live this experience?

Fabien Gravillon: It was the director and producer Colin Tilley who chose me, through his casting director, to play a character in this video clip.

I was thrilled because it was the opportunity to work with someone who won an MTV VMA award and was nominated for a Grammy. He has also just directed the video for Cardi B feat Megan thee Stallion: The Wap, and has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Halsey etc….

Working with Colin Tilley, Macklemore, Martin Garrix and Patrick Stump from Fall out Boy who are famous worldwide and whose filming took place in Pasadena, California, it was a pleasure !!!!

Also last year you had one of the main roles in a Haitian American film shot in Boston The Destiny of a Child, a film by Frantz Jean Baptiste. A word about this production on the big screen?

Fabien Gravillon: I had the honor of playing the main role of Alex in the Haitian film The Child of Destiny directed by Frantz Jean Baptiste.

It is the story of a young student couple facing pregnancy when they are not ready. They have to deal with the drama induced by this early pregnancy….

I won't say more, but the film has just been released on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

After 3 years spent in the United States if you had to take stock do you think it gave you a plus in your career if so what?

Fabien Gravillon: The United States is the world's leading power, and having the chance to work there is not given to everyone.

My experience in Hollywood has been very enriching and I have made some great encounters. I love American culture and I really enjoy acting in English.

The most it brought me, is the chance to have more projects in English.

In terms of your personal room for improvement, do you think all you need is this big role that will put you on all the shelves? Or is there some personal and professional work that remains to be done, for you to really achieve your goals?

Fabien Gravillon: In this profession, the road is long and nothing is ever acquired even among the greatest.

It is an eternal restart!

But I am already very satisfied with my journey so far.

I am going to ask a question that angers many. Coming from the Afro community, and having practiced both in Europe and in the United States. Which geographic area gives blacks more opportunity in the movie industry?

Fabien Gravillon: Undoubtedly, it is in the United States, that blacks have the most opportunities in the cinema.

In France, there is still a lot of delay at this level… .. although I have noticed a huge increase in the visibility of blacks in advertisements.

But advertising are not movies !!!!

At this time when we are talking about anti-racism everywhere, do you think that some things will change in the world of acting ?

Fabien Gravillon: In France, for me if there are no quotas imposed, things will not change quickly.

Writers don't really write for black people, so a casting director has few roles for a black actor.

Things are starting to move but too slowly.