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Career choices are life choices, since they reflect, by fitting in time, the quality of life that we want to lead. Fabien Gravillon, is precisely the allegory of a choice that has since impacted his earthly existence. The craft of art, and especially when it comes to the 7th art, is a bubble of unknowns, which is subject to the whim of fate. Born in Bondy in the Parisian suburbs (Seine St Denis) to parents from Guadeloupe, it was in Thourotte in Picardy that he grew up. Very early on, attracted by the 7th art after his studies, he decided to embark on acting. It was the start of an adventure that would lead him to popular television series such as the French crime series, Plus Belle la Vie. Or the TV Novella “Baie des Flamboyants”. After a hook up with music in 2009 with an Album, and many other film projects, in 2016 Gravillon crossed the Atlantic to settle in Los Angeles.





Fabien Gravillon

"Nothing makes me happier than acting"

Guillaume Ajavon