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Allmusic stated Relatable and reinvigorated, the catchy and confessional Melanie C is not only a reboot for the artist's sound, but a rebirth for the icon herself. For the observer Loving the Spice Girls today is an exercise in childhood nostalgia; Melanie C honours those fans – and herself – as adults worthy of hearing themselves in vital pop.

The sixth full-length studio release for the Baltimore band is its first as a quartet with drummer Mike Lowry and was produced with Steve Wright. For Exclaim Future Islands' landscapes of sound are more intricately detailed here than they have been before. Their poetic angst has matured into something more subdued and dripping with acceptance. As Long as You Are feels, in a way, like the band coming home to itself. For Allmusic “An album that's an uneasy mix of a band that's fully in control of their sound, making some good choices as they expand, but also occasionally toppling over as they overreach. It's worth checking out for the songs that work -- the group certainly haven't lost their touch when it comes to uptempo gloomy synth pop -- and the less successful moments aren't enough to sink the album entirely”.

Sources: All Music

MELANIE C by Melanie C

As long as you are Future Island

For the Observer :” These 11 songs balance mainstream appeal (Someone I Don’t Know) alongside an intimate sense of being cocooned with someone who has plenty of worth to impart. For Exclaim : “ Georgas gives listeners the bittersweet beauty of recalling turning seasons and turning points on All That Emotion.”

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Androgynous Mary -Girl Friday

All that Emotion -Hannah Georgas