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The latest compilation from the R&B/pop singer-songwriter features previously unreleased songs, b-sides, demos, and live tracks, including the full length audio from her first concert performance in Japan at the Tokyo Dome for the 1996 Daydream World Tour. For the NewYork Times “Many of the songs are strong, but they largely bolster the story Carey has long been telling. The more revealing document, however, might be the second disc of the release: “Live at the Tokyo Dome,” her first concert in Japan, recorded in 1996. This is Carey at the peak — one of the peaks, at least — of her vocal authority and pop fame.

The rarities Mariah Carey


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The latest full-length release for the Norwegian artist was inspired by the poetry of French poet, Charles Baudelaire.

The Guardian writes: “Susanna Wallumrød’s extraordinary career sees no sign of becoming quotidian. Though a composer – adept in many styles of contemporary music – she’s also long been a wonderful interpreter of the work of others: her 2006 record Melody Mountain, as Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, is one of the best covers albums you could wish to hear; her last album was a musical interpretation of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch (of course). Baudelaire & Piano combines her compositional and interpretative abilities, being a selection of adaptations of Charles Baudelaire’s poetry set to music”.

Baudelaire & piano Susanna


La Havas -Liane La Havas


With her captivating voice and richly detailed songwriting, Sarah Jarosz has emerged as one of the most compelling musicians of her generation. A three-time Grammy Award-winner at the age of 28, the Texas native started singing as a young girl and became an accomplished multi-instrumentalist by her early teens. After releasing her full-length debut Song Up in Her Head at 18-years-old, she went on to deliver such critically lauded albums as Follow Me Down, Build Me Up From Bones, and 2016’s Undercurrent, in addition to joining forces with Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan to form the acclaimed Grammy winning folk trio I’m With Her. In the making of her new album World On the Ground, the New York City-based artist collaborated with producer/songwriter John Leventhal: a five-time Grammy Award-winner. On the Ground unfolds as a finely wrought collection of stories from her hometown of Wimberley, Texas (population: 2,626), presenting a series of character sketches nearly novelistic in emotional scope.

Release date March 27th 2020

World on the Ground -Sarah Jarosz