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In Europe, and Asia, in particular in France where the president remain strong, in Russia where Vladimir Putin intends to lift the limit on mandates, a fact that Xi Jinping, in China as already realized, and to a lesser extent in Germany where there is no limit on presidential mandates, the monarchical republics which grant enormous power to the president , are deeply entrenched in political life, and there is no evidence that the trend is likely to change in the near future.In Canada and England parliamentary systems seem to offer a more appeased approach. Despite the enormous discretionary power of prime minister there is a real control in the way they exercise power.

In America, the monarchization of the constitutional republic that is the United States is more evident, since the 2000s, with the eventful election of George Bush Jr. against Al Gore who also came from what is necessary to call a family of the American aristocracy, and the attacks of September 11, 200, that opened an era of a worldly assumed autocracy. Logically we should no longer speak of an American monarchy, but of an American empire on a planetary scale, because the United States dictate in world affairs, is nothing less but an essential attribute of the monarchy. And worse, in the Trump era, it is clearly seen that, like, in third-world presidential monarchies, members of the president’s direct family occupy important positions in the state apparatus. While in the Obama administration and as in all other administrations, the family members of leading figures were more famous in influence peddling and nepotism, as in the case of the involvement of Beau Biden, son of Joe Biden, in shady businesses in the oil sector in Ukraine under the benevolence of his father, who as vice president did not hesitate to use the state apparatus to exert pressure to end the threat of prosecution against allegations of financial malfeasance of his son in Ukraine.

Similarly, the increase of powers of the American worldly monarchy, has since been accompanied by a progressive and real destruction of the field of application of international law, and of the system of international organizations, like at the WHO recently, the world trade organization, or in the United Nations. There are no more doubts, that there is a real desire from the United States to replace international laws, with American law which unfortunately does not always apply with equity, but with a perverse precedence of the interests of the United States over the citizens, from other countries of the world. A year cannot go by, without the United States extra judicially executing citizens of a X country, or deciding to kidnap and try in the United States, citizens of sovereign countries; yet, international courts exist. As in ancient Rome, the rights of American citizens are now more important, than the rights of the citizens of a Lambda country, a manifesto, which reflects the pernicious will to enslave the peoples of the rest of the world. And worse in a context of relentless war within the Western political establishment, one can only end up with autocracy as predicted by social sciences, and world history, since ancient Rome.

While the international legal framework is clearly torpedoed, it would be imperative that the nations of the world equip themselves with a legal framework that protects their citizens against the abuses of autocracies disguised as democracies, the sovereignty of States is at stake, since it’s undermined by the inclinations of a U.S. world order. A father who cannot protect his children necessarily loses the respect that is due to him.

Hubert Marlin


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