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Also, in 2011 the US administration led by Barack Obama signed a law that allows the US government to arrest and detain without trial for an indefinite period of time foreign citizens on the basis of mere suspicion of terrorist activity. While civil liberties associations in the United States have decried this law, passed in 2012 under the terms NDAA 2012, (New Defense authorization act 2012) as blatantly violating individual freedoms and human rights, some provisions concerning US citizens have been blocked by US courts. However, the possibility for the US government to indefinitely and arbitrarily detain any foreign citizen it deems dangerous, to their security remains real. With this law, beyond the serious implications for the lives of billions of non-American citizens who live on the planet, the United States has gone from a strong presidential regime, which for ages has monarchized the powers of the President of the United States, to a global monarchical state, because the country by a set of questionable laws that it wants to impose on all, has arrogated an exterritoriality which only serves its imperialist interests. Curiously the U.S. have been engaged in a shameful showdown against the international court of justice that the American administration has since deemed illegal, because it deigned to open an investigation in the abuses of the US army, in several theaters of operations in the world, including Iraq or Afghanistan; threatening to imprisonment and freezing of assets, the prosecutors of the international criminal court based in The Hague . A court however that the United States never hesitated to seize to incriminate leaders of the regimes which it found, jeopardized their various agendas.

Beyond politics in the economy, the United States also has monarchical laws that allow it to destroy any business that the country deems truly or falsely, to be a threat to national security. This is the case with the drama of the Huawei telephone company, which was banned from the area of influence of the United States and more recently of Tik Tok, whose Trump administration is demanding the takeover by an American company if the social network application wants to continue to exist in the United States. Similarly, according to the provisions of certain American laws, if the American technologies have been used by a foreign company which would for example be guilty of financial embezzlement, the said companies can be subject to litigations before American courts. Also, for example the manager of a German company making a bank transfer to a third person to help a deal, with a computer designed by Microsoft or Apple, can be sued and imprisoned in the United States for financial embezzlement. Never mind that the various protagonists in the illicit case are not American entities.

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Lerone Pieters